Book: Larklight



Steampunk is something the Philip Reeve does well. It’s wonderfully creative in the way he recreates history and brings us into the future. I love his style and it helps that the book has illustrations.

Yes, something are better left to the imagination, yet at the same time the book is given new life with these illustrations. It’s a wonderful combination. Add to that a wonderful and memorable cast of characters, an immersive and interesting plot and you have a series well suited to boys under the age of 12.

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, it was ridiculous fun to read and I really felt like I was on an adventure through the seas of space. It was marvelous and witty. Sure the main protagonist is everything that little boys are, with the annoying older sister included but it was  such a joy watching their interactions. The prim and proper older sister Myrtle versus ‘it’s so cool to be a pirate’ Art. Of course the cast of characters wouldn’t be complete without real life space pirate Jack Havock who has made quite a name for himself and his crew.

The book was good not only because it had good characters, but also because the plot was really entertaining. There was action to be had on nearly every page. Or else new dramas would be unfolding. There’s plenty of things happening all the same time, which makes the book feel a bit busy, yet very exciting.

It was a thrilling read and I loved the energy that poured forth from the pages. It makes me wish I was young again, when it wouldn’t be counted strange for me to be reading “children’s” books.

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