Book: Starcross



More space shenanigans with Art and Jack Havok. With the lovely addition of spies and espionage. And of course, who can forget time travel!

Philip Reeve is quite an ingenious author, I think we can all agree on that. But this plot that he created is just so good. The way in which he uses his creations and small little details in the plot is just brilliant. I just need to take my hat off to him. Each book is plot driven, and it’s an exciting wild ride he takes us on. Yet he pays the closest attention to the characters. There’s not only continuity, there’s progress in their lives. Small little things that are mentioned in passing, become important in the next book. It propels the characters development and really rewards the reader for picking up on the small details. I love how the books tie together, even though each story is so different. There’s no overarching plot, like in Harry Potter. Each book can be read by itself, but there’s so much more value in reading them as a series. I can’t think of another series that has been done this way.

Another point that I have to bring up is how awesome Mother is. Yes, she’s the most powerful person in the book and she’s really cool about it. It’s not something we find often. She’s clever, ageless, witty and useful. It adds to the enjoyment of the book. So rare to find mother’s that are alive and not sacrificing themselves for their child. Not that she doesn’t love her kids, but she’s got brains and hands which she uses too.

Oh, oh and reference to Sherlock Holmes is just priceless. I’m going to guess that are a couple of references being dropped in the book. But the only one I picked out was “Elementary”. Let me know if you spotted any others and of course general comments on the book are more than welcome.

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