Anime: The Princess and the Pilot

Titles are important. We may not realize it sometimes, but titles give us a glimpse of what is to come. They attract viewers and if they’re interesting and well-chosen they can cause people to stop and take a look. The English title of this movie is actually really bad, I think the Japanese title “Recollection of a Certain Airship Pilot” is much more intriguing. The only benefit that the English title has, is that it tells it as it is. Straight to the point.

The Princess and the Pilot


The title really says it all, the movie is about a pilot and a princess. And unfortunately there’s little else going on. The world setup was beautifully, it’s a world at war. It’s a world where a certain class of people are treated as lower than dirt. It’s a realistic portrayal of a country who is constantly at war. In the midst of this, we are introduced to the pilot, Charles, and princess, Juana. Their history is nothing to shout about, it’s the usual, kid who was abused and bullied since young because of his heritage and the girl who is beauty incarnate and who has lived a rich and sheltered life.

I guess that the focus of this movie was their interaction with each other. How they changed their world views, how there was tension and awkwardness between them which blossomed into love. Predictability aside, I didn’t feel any emotion between the two. Sure, they developed throughout the movie, but it felt cliché and overused. It lacked that intensity of emotion, it lacked sincerity. The whole movie was just lacking.

The airships fighting scenes were pretty good though. The action is this movie was well animated, fluid and exciting. If only the characters were a bit more inspired, it could have turned out to be a pretty decent show.

2 Responses to “Anime: The Princess and the Pilot”
  1. Genki Jason says:

    I remember reporting about this for Anime UK News and kept calling it ‘Recollection of a Certain Airship Pilot’ even when the name got a change for its translation into English. It sounds bland. It was at a couple of film festivals in the UK but I never made the effort to see it and I’m glad now. I always prefer Japanese titles.

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