Book: Mothstorm

I wish the adventures with Art and Jack would never end. Sadly, they do in the final book of the Larklight trilogy.



Mothstorm is everything a final book should be. Conclusions are made and climaxes are reached. It ties together so many plot points and just allow you to assemble the puzzle pieces and see the big beautiful picture. Philip Reeve is an author I would love my children to pick up and get to know. His books are amazing and can be read by both children and adults.

What I really enjoyed about Mothstorm, more than the excitement and adventure was the role women played in the book. Philip Reeve is a champion to little girls. He’s had strong female protagonist, who are independent and resourceful in his Mortal Engines and Fever Crumb series. In the Larklight trilogy, the tables have turned. The men are the one who are strong and reliable and everything little boys dream of becoming. Swashbuckling pirate who can still fall in love with girls, who still puts family first. Brilliant model for boys and in the same books, we have Myrtle.

Let me explain. Myrtle is as girly as girls get. She’s vain, she wants to enter high society, she loves dresses. She screams, faints, swoons and is a complete pain as a sister to Art. She’s expounds the importance of ladylike manners and etiquette. Yes, she does serve as comic relief to some extent. Yet, at the end of Mothstorm, when this idea of being treated as ladies really takes force, we see something different. Myrtle has grown a lot through the 3 books, she’s become smarter, bolder and less conscious of what other people think. Yet she maintains her grace and her manners. She retains her feminine side. It’s not a choice little or big girls have to make between female independence and all the perks that come with womanhood. The best thing about being a girl is that we can have both and it took Myrtle to remind me of that. Girls can be dependent, it’s perfectly okay to want to find a guy who is reliable and marry him. It’s okay to dress up and be all prim and proper. It’s also okay to fly around in space and have adventures, save the queen and be a female alchemist (when there has never been one before). And that is why I liked this last book so much.

Maybe it’s a girl thing, maybe I’m reading too much into it. But I’ll take whatever I can get out of a book. After all, books open the mind to things we may never have thought about on our own.

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