Book: Ox-tales Earth

Original stories written by remarkable writers is a project by Oxfarm to raise money and awareness. There are four books in the series, which highlight the key areas of Oxfam’s work. This particular collection of short stories begins with a poem by Vikram Seth entitled Earth, which is part of a sequence of poems called Seven Elements.

Each subsequent story has a short write-up on the authors, detailing their recent works and awards. It’s a really good way of getting to know contemporary authors and their books. There are already a few authors that I have taken note of and will attempt to find their books in the library.

In general, all the stories are well written. They were a good selection of the funny, the witty, the sad and the complex. They had a range of characters that were realistic and different scenarios, some of which boggled the mind, some of which warmed the heart. I think that it’s a wonderful collection and I enjoyed most of the stories.

Ox-tales Earth


My absolute favourite story was Boys in Cars. Perhaps it’s because I have a brother with Downs Syndrome, but the story captured the effects and the emotions that arise when taking care of a special needs child. It is doubly poignant because I work with an autistic kid in church and there are times when I really don’t know what to do. As I was reading this, I realized that maybe all that was needed is to try, slowly. It evoked so many emotions that I almost started crying on the train to work.

The other stories while not necessarily so emotional, were satisfying reads. I’m looking forward to reading the other three books in this collection and here’s to the hope that they are equally enjoyable.

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