Book: Animal Farm

Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a surprising short and easy read, which brings across its message of how power corrupts in the form of a fairy story. There’s talking animals, that take over the farm chasing away the humans and abolishing slavery as it were. I guess most people are familiar with this book, a satire about a revolution that started out with good intentions and ideals (as most revolutions do), but turned out to be the same thing but with a different face. So let’s not talk about the story itself.

What I was really impressed was how simple and easy it was to understand. The story progresses really well and its amazing to see how the pigs were changing (literally before our eyes). Because it was written as a fairy story, I think that Animal Farm is a book that even children can grasp. Perhaps not in its entirety, but definitely the main point.

On that note, my father bought me this book when I was just a wee little girl. It was the 50th anniversary edition and came illustrated.

Animal Farm 50th Anniversary Edition


However, I seem to have misplaced and can only hope that it wasn’t thrown away (THE HORROR!).

Animal Farm is a book that I want in my collection, I think there’s value in reading it time and time again. It isn’t as shocking or impactful as 1984, but the beauty is in its child-friendly quality, which really makes me love it more.

One Response to “Book: Animal Farm”
  1. Genki Jason says:

    My GCSE English class had this as a set text. I don’t think I’ll ever forget poor Boxer.

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