Book: Ox-tales Fire

I’m slightly disappointed with the library right now. I just found out that they don’t have the last book in this collection by Oxfarm. I can only hope that they add the book to their collection, or if there is some kind soul who has the book and could lend it to me. I have this strange compulsion to finish things, finish series (in order), so I hate being left hanging. I guess it’s a good things that these books are just collections of short stories and that there isn’t a cliffhanger ending, that would just drive me nuts. Anyways, complaints about the library aside, let’s talk about Ox-tales Fire

Ox-tales Fire

The stories in this collection were much more understandable. I especially enjoyed the one by Mark Haddon because it was a retelling (of sorts) of Greek mythology. I really enjoyed his novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and was pleasantly surprised to find his short story here. It gave me goosebumps but I really enjoyed the story.

Most of the stories in Fire are really memorable, they leave a deep impression on the mind. They strike fear and confusion into the readers hearts. They are passionate in their style and the emotions of the characters leap off the page.

I admit that I don’t really see the connection between the stories and the title. I don’t suppose that’s really important, but in my opinion it would make more sense to have stories that sort of link to the theme of earth, air, fire and water. I understand that Oxfarm is trying to highlight its work in these areas, but wouldn’t it help to have stories that bring these themes to mind as well? How do short story collections get named? Especially so, when the stories are from different authors. Would anyone care to enlighten me?


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