Anime: Pale Cocoon

Pale Cocoon


This has been on to-watch list for a long time, ever since I watched Time of Eve. It has the same graphic style, although Time of Eve is more recent and more polished. I enjoyed how this story flowed, I think it displayed the history of what had happened to earth brilliantly, while at the same time managing to bring out the thoughts and opinions of the people. There were a lot of cryptic clues being dropped and the final push to the climax was everything it should have been.

The song and video were weaved into the story really well and although I would consider this piece to be plot driven, the focus on just two characters and their relationship as well as their interactions was superb. I enjoyed this OVA, but it’s just natural to compare it to Time of Eve. Once comparison is made, then Pale Cocoon loses it’s shine. I know that it is a predecessor and should be lauded for how much it packs into a mere 20 minutes. However, Time of Eve is better both in terms of graphic and story. Pale cocoon just isn’t as heartfelt.

Still, it’s an amazing piece of work and I’m really glad the production company is getting better with every short they produce.

3 Responses to “Anime: Pale Cocoon”
  1. Genki Jason says:

    It’s from the guys who did Time of Eve? I have been intrigued by this title ever since seeing an AMV with it in but I haven’t watched it. I’ll give it a go next week. Also, Time of Eve is just perfection! Most other anime seems dull in comparison!

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