Book: The Night Watch

Well, I obviously managed to finish the book! It’s a really interesting read. Took me awhile to get through, but I’m actually looking forward to the next book in the series.

The Night Watch

It started with a recommendation from a friend who then went on to lend me The Twilight Watch and The Last Watch. I wasn’t all that interested, until I found the first book of the series in the library. Yes, there is magic. Yes, the is the fight between Good and Evil. But this is nothing like Harry Potter.

The novel comprises of three stories, they are continuous and feature Anton as the protagonist. As a Night Watch agent, he watches the dark ones and is classified as Good. However, as you read through the stories, it explores what really makes good and evil and that all important gray area in between. It questions beliefs, it casts doubts on the truth and manages all this with a good amount of fast-paced action. There’s plenty of intrigue and mystery, political maneuvers and internal struggles. What makes the novel so good, was the world set-up. The idea of having two opposing watches that police each other. The idea of a treaty that exists between the two so that the world can have balance. And of course the idea of both watches having opposing goals whilst trying to uphold that treaty is just a mind-boggling feat. Sure not everything is explained in the novel, yet it never felt overwhelming. The plots were clear and reached an appropriate conclusion at the end of each arc.

Each arc builds on the last and the cast characters is quite large but they are crafted well and you can see their individual characters and uniqueness. These are not cookie cut-outs. They are realistic and bring so much depth and life to the stories. At the center of it all there is Anton who struggles and develops. The focus is always on him, on his understanding of the world, on the situations he is placed in, on the choices he makes.

I have to say that the climax and the ending was really perfect. Expect nothing and it will still surprise you. It made the novel so much more enjoyable than it was initially and I’m really looking forward to the next book. There’s so much more to this world that I sincerely hope the series explores. Not the easiest book to the digest, but well worth the effort.

2 Responses to “Book: The Night Watch”
  1. dm00 says:

    The entire series is like the first — it’s well worth going through all three books. A wonderfully different take on magic, the world, duty, family.

    Interestingly, for the most part, the characters you meet in the first book keep reappearing (though the cast does grow over time), and trivial incidents in the first novel take on unexpected significance as the story evolves.

    It’s not Harry Potter at all. It’s more like a police procedural that happens to include magic.

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