Book: The Day Watch

The Day Watch


It’s not everyday that the book you’re reading features a protagonist with the exact same name (down to the letter) as you. It makes for a slightly disconcerting yet interesting read. While the first novel introduced is to the world of Others and of the two watches, this book gives us a better glimpse into the Day watch, how they operate, how the Dark Ones think and so on.

It continues on where The Night Watch left of, and many intrigues that were started in the first book are brought back into the spotlight in this book. It’s full of suspense and drama. With the analogy of all the characters as pieces on a chess broad a good way of picturing how the story unfolds. There’s a lot of moves made by each side (the two watches) and many a times we as well as the characters can only see the moves without the intentions. This all comes to a head at the end of this book.

Once again I was blown away by the ending. I did not see any of that coming and I loved how everything fell in place. I also appreciate how different the two watches are, even though they are very much just different sides of the same coin. I like the subtle similarities and differences are interwoven into the main plot. It brings a lot of questions to mind, and really makes you think about what makes one person different from the other. How a person’s beliefs can influence them, how their emotions, their state of mind and really small nuances change people’s character and perspective.

There’s strong characterization with each character having a unique identity and set of beliefs which is rare in books, especially with such a large cast of characters. I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the third book, seeing how most of the ‘mysteries’ have been resolved, but I want to read more. It’s brilliantly written and the world keeps getting more and more interesting with each book.

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