Book: The Night Circus

There are some books that change your world view. This is not one of them. There are some books with powerful, moving characters. This is not one of them. There are some books that have intricate plots and come to resounding conclusions. This is not one of them. What this book is, is magical. If you have never believed that magic exists, it does, and it comes alive in this book.

The Night Circus

The Night Circus is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. It starts off with the simple line of “The circus arrives without warning.” and with that tells the story of two individuals and how their lives are inexplicably linked to the circus. Enchanting, haunting, magical. There are not enough words to describe this novel. It’s pure fantasy with a hint of intrigue and a passionate romance. It cuts across countries and time. With all the skipping forward and backwards with time, it can become quite confusing, but the story is easy to pick up and just so enthralling. It follows the circus from the very beginning, from the challenge that was issued to the conception and the creation of each aspect of the circus. The process of the competition that was played out within the circus as well as the stories of some of the key players. There’s a good amount of foreshadowing and even from the start we are already reading about the end. I have to admit that I loved the book until I reached the end. It wasn’t what I had come to expected, and didn’t have the desired impact or outcome. It felt rushed, something that goes against everything about the book.

I started on this book, when a friend lent it to me in Australia. I was intrigued by the cover, but didn’t manage to finish it before I left. Instead, about year later, I spotted the familiar cover in the library and re-reading it, I was captivated. Ensnared by the circus. It’s a wonderful concept and each tent that is created is better than the last. I love the atmosphere, the food, the performers and the different acts that is found in the ‘Le Cirque des Reves’. This circus of dreams is more inventive and imaginative than anything I have encountered before. The descriptions just flow so smoothly and the different aspects blend so well together. I could completely understand the love for the circus the reveurs (dreamers) had. These fans that follow the circus and constantly seek to explore it.

I am not saying that the night circus is a great book, it probably isn’t. But it inspires the imagination, it pushes the boundaries of dreams and most of all it reminded me of what it meant to be lost in the world a book creates. It’s a book that I would read again and again in hopes of catching hold of those fleeting images that surface to mind when reading about the circus. That magical moment in which you smell caramel corn, feel the warmth of the fire and stand in the courtyard deciding which tent to visit first.


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