Anime: Shion No Ou

This particular series hails from the year 2007, which is still recent enough for me to remember that I was fairly interested in this anime when it came out, but never got around to watching it. Well, I may be 6 years too late, but at least I watched it and I must say that I found it pretty interesting.

Shion No Ou

It tells the classic story of a girl who witnessed her parents murder and is unable to speak. However thanks to providence, she is taken in by a kind and loving family and grows up to become a force to be reckoned with in the Shougi world. What is Shougi, it’s Japanese chess of course and this anime documents her journey through the world of shougi and how she finally comes to terms with the murder. Nothing really special there. I’ve watched way too many murder mysteries to be surprised at the plot.

However, shougi is a really entertaining game. As with all anime that focuses on a particular sport or game, Shion No Ou really shows off the intricacies of shougi and how demanding and complex the game is. It didn’t really inspire me to play it, which does it a discredit, since I’m quite easily influenced. I blame that on the game itself being difficult to pick up and understand through anime. I also have to say that animation wasn’t the best. I know the series is old, but it still irks me. Those random in between frames that look really awkward.

I thought Shion fell into your usual archetypes, the characters that I really enjoyed were the minor ones. They brought life to the anime when it was boring and dragging on it’s feet. Especially Kaminozo-sensei. He was a real surprise and such a fascinating character. I wish he was more prominent, there’s so much depth to his character as compare to his younger counterparts.

In general, the show was okay. Started out really slow-paced and because it’s fairly straight forward, the mystery aspect is nothing to shout about either. Even the motive was predictable. It’s not a must watch, but if the genre or the game piques of interest then there’s no harm having a look.

4 Responses to “Anime: Shion No Ou”
  1. Cytrus says:

    I enjoyed this when it aired, played shougi a few times, too.

    It’s a good show, with enough small variations to keep you interested. Shion being (mostly) mute made for some interesting scenes on its own. The tiny romance hints were cute. Sports x murder mystery is a rare combination, too. Nothing to complain about, even if it is not revolutionary. Recommended watch for those who enjoy both murder story and sports genres.

    • everworld says:

      Yea, Shion being mute was quite a bold move considering she’s the main character. Still as a mystery fan, I think there’a lot of better anime out there. And in terms of sport, I think one needs a basic understanding of shougi to really appreciate the anime.

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