Tastings: Young Animator Training Project 2010

Yes, I haven’t reviewed anything anime related in almost a month, and this is supposed to be an anime review blog. Bah. I did recently watch the 2010 projects and have been loving every single second of it. So sweet and funny and just amazing projects. There’s really a difference going back just 2 years … Continue reading

Tastings: A Series of Unfortunate Events – The Austere Academy

Yea, I’m back into children literature. Specifically, one of my goals is to finish the series of unfortunate events by this year. Don’t want to drag out a series for too long, although to some extent, it depends on whether I can find the books at the library. Well, without further ado, may I present … Continue reading

Book: Chess

One of the elusive books from the Penguin Mini Modern Classics that I’m attempting to read through. I first heard about this author through the TV show Criminal Minds. The name Zweig played a pretty a big part in the latest season, but I didn’t realize it was an author until I found the book. … Continue reading

Book: Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles

As you can no doubt tell, I’ve done away with the whole scheduled posts thing, mostly because I’m so behind the so-called reading and watching schedule that it depresses me. So I’ve opted for the easy way out and will just post based whim and fancy. It’s so liberating and also probably not the best … Continue reading

Book: The Silver Dream

A sequel that I’ve been looking forward to ever since reading the first book – Interworld. An amazing collaboration between Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. Continuing where it left off, it adds a new dimension to an already complicated world. The most amazing part is the world building. It was already mind-bending in the first … Continue reading

Book: And Then

  First things first, this is a really difficult read to get through. However, it’s really rewarding once you do get through all the lengthy exposition and philosophical arguments. I cannot say that I enjoyed the book, but I appreciate this style of writing from time to time. It’s a very in-depth character study of … Continue reading