Book: The Silver Dream

A sequel that I’ve been looking forward to ever since reading the first book – Interworld. An amazing collaboration between Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves. Continuing where it left off, it adds a new dimension to an already complicated world. The most amazing part is the world building. It was already mind-bending in the first book, with an army of alternate selves and travelling through different dimensions and worlds. Add to that a new twist, a new ‘agency’ and a policing aspect. And of course time travel. I love how rich and detailed the world is, how believable and how interesting it is to explore.

The Silver Dream


The story is action packed and full of twists and turns. There’s a lot of things happening all the time and so many hidden plots and new conspiracies to absorb. Enjoyable and surprisingly easy to follow. It’s a page turner and a cliff hanger. If there continues to be more books, this is going to turn into a wonderful series.

It’s not as polished as most of Gaiman’s books, probably because he didn’t write the actual story. Also, it felt different from the first book. It wasn’t as exciting story-wise or character-wise. I didn’t really like the new characters and there were more questions being brought to the table and few being answered. It definitely felt like a book written from teens, there was a strong high school vibe and the usual emotions and though patterns that are associated with teenagers. Interworld was a book anyone could enjoy, The Silver Dream is more skewered towards its target audience. It’s not a bad thing, I guess I was just expecting a bit more. That tends to be the case for sequels to good books.

I sincerely hope there are more books in the works. As I’ve already mentioned the questions to be answered are growing and there’s a lot of ground to explore. Sometimes not all wishes that come true are a good thing, we get unsatisfying sequels instead.


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