Book: Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles

As you can no doubt tell, I’ve done away with the whole scheduled posts thing, mostly because I’m so behind the so-called reading and watching schedule that it depresses me. So I’ve opted for the easy way out and will just post based whim and fancy. It’s so liberating and also probably not the best of ideas, since I put the pro in procrastinate. But we shall see how this affects the frequency of posts. I need to find a good, healthy balance in work, life and internet.

So without further ago, let me talk to you about the sequel to the Spiderwick Chronicles.

Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles

Beyond Spiderwick Chronicles is interesting because of two things. It incorporates “real life” in the sense that because the authors published the Field Guide, the general public now has access to all this information on faeries. Of course it depends on whether the reader deems it as fact or fiction. I loved how it was carried out, and bonus points for the cameo the authors made in their own books!

The new series, follows a different family with its own lovely set of problems. I found the characters very believable, the behaviour they displayed and the actions they took were congruent with their situation. That’s the second reason why I liked this series so much. To be able to write about difficult issues like losing a parent, or having your parents remarry is not something that occurs often. Yet Holly Black does it so well, and there’s enough time and scope for in-depth looks at how the situation is affecting each child, from the child’s point of view no less. Keep it in mind, that this is a book for children. The resolutions that were made through the books were also appropriate. This mix of reality and fantasy, allowed me a greater appreciation of the book. More so than the first series.

As someone who works with a lot of children from non-nuclear families, this series really struck a chord. The characterization was really spot on and I could draw so many parallels with the children I see on a daily basis. Of course the faerie aspect was lovely too. We are introduced to new, crafty and evil supernatural beings and the world of Spiderwick is enriched greatly by them. This series had a much larger scale, with the faeries causing a great impact on the “human” environment. It was interesting to see although not perfectly resolved.

Still, I really enjoyed this series, and highly recommend it. I’ll also be checking out more of Holly Black’s work in the near future.

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