Anime: Bannou Yasai Ninninman

What do you get with a young girl who has a fear of carrots, capsicums and milk? An amazing anime about facing your fears of course!

Super Veggie Torracman


It’s a lovely one episode show that really speaks volumes about how many of us eventually face our fears. The main character of Mari is sweet and yet a very realistic 6-year-old girl. Yes, at that age, they are mostly sweet and adorable even with their irrational fears, but I really liked was the exploration of her friendship. It was well portrayed, and there was a variety of emotions associated with that relationship. It was very much the priority of Mari to maintain that friendship at the cost of facing her fears.

I loved how they included the ghosts of the food that she dislikes, which only remain, as long as they are within her body. It’s super funny and the three ghosts add this magical girl flavour to the show and a good deal of comedic effect. It’s good show, which targets at younger viewers, but I feel that older audiences will also find some enjoyment in watching it.


One Response to “Anime: Bannou Yasai Ninninman”
  1. Genki Jason says:

    I don’t see this getting expanded upon but it wasn’t a waste because it was nice. The message about overcoming fears is good and the characters were cute.

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