Anime: Kizuna Ichigeki

One-Hit Bond


I loved this one-shot simply because it was HILARIOUS! It blends a variety of anime styles into its main story and just creates this wonderfully funny piece. The plot was pretty regular, whereby a young girl starts off by winning a fighting competition, after which she is naturally targeted by the whole world trying to beat her and take her title. It’s the between details that really stood out. Like the visitation to her home by the journalist, her grandfather’s recounting of her “childhood”, the cat’s back-story and all these small things that really built the story to become so much more than what it started out to be.

It’s not my favourite project, but it upholds that quality that I’ve come to associate with these annual projects. It’s a joy to watch, the entertainment factor for this particular short is really high. It brought tears to my eyes from all the laughing.

I have to admit, that there seems to be quite a difference in the projects from year to year. 2010, really starts off innocent and funny. Many of the projects were family friendly and had a very unique style of their own. 2011 had more conventional art styles, and 3 out of the 4 projects were still orientated to the family or to younger audiences. By 2012, the projects seem to have changed quite drastically. They are definitely for older audiences and not as unique as the previous years. It mirrors what has been happening in anime, with newer productions feeling more cookie-cutter than original pieces. Oh well, there are a still a few gems and I guess production quality continues to improve. However, as someone who really looks at content over graphics, it’s a worry trend to observe.

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