Anime: Tansu Warashi

Also known as Wardrobe Dwellers, it tells the wonderful tale of how a lady receives an old dresser from her mother and the lessons that the 6 children who live in the dresser teach her. It’s really sweet and I loved how each child representing a different aspect of the woman’s life and character. I thought it was really meaningful and well portrayed, it didn’t come across as cliché or moralistic. Instead it was a pleasure to watch and to see how her life changed simply from having these children with her. There’s wonderful development going on, which even made an impact on those around her.

Wardrobe Dwellers


The ending was made to be special and memorable and just all round perfect for a short like this. There’s this heartwarming atmosphere that radiates from this project which just makes you feel warm and fuzzy. It’s a nice change from the last two projects which were more comedic. Not that this didn’t have it’s funny moments, but in general it felt more nostalgic. I think it realistically portrays the life of a working young adult in Japan, and how many are losing their roots or their histories without even realizing it. A social commentary of sorts, although I might be reading too much into it. What did you think the project was trying to say?

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