Book: The Sherlock Holmes Miscellany

I may not have enjoyed the J.R.R. Tolkien Miscellany, but the Sherlock Holmes miscellany has been a joy to read. The content was brilliant and the sheer amount of information presented is astounding.  I love how each chapter uses a quote from the books as the title, this miscellany is obviously written by authors who are huge fans of Sherlock Holmes.

The Sherlock Holmes Miscellany


This informative book covers everything to do with Sherlock Holmes, from Homes himself, to Watson, from radio, to TV serials and movies, music, the settings used in the books, the clubs formed by people who love Sherlock Holmes, illustrations and even other novels based on the ever popular character.

It’s never repetitive and the love for Sherlock just shines through every page. I’ve really learnt a lot about Sherlock as a character as well as all the different aspects that have formed him in the public eye. There’s a lot of information to absorb, but it’s written in such a way that keeps the reader interested and entertained. I especially enjoyed the portions about the different clubs dedicated to Sherlock Holmes and the different shenanigans they got up to.

If you’re a fan of Sherlock, I would highly recommend this book. It’s an eye opener as to how huge the fandom for this character is, it just blows you away. I’m really inspired to read more Sherlock Holmes and I guess that’s going to be one of my new year resolutions.

On a side note, I have not posted anything for quite a while. I have not stopped reading, but I have been finding it difficult to sit down and review the books I’ve read. I’ll make time in the next few days to play catch up. As for anime-wise, that’s taking a back seat till next year. I need to conquer one challenge at a time.

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