Book: Crazy Love

One of my new year resolutions for the year of 2013 was to read more Christian books. As you can no doubt tell, that didn’t really work out all the well. It’s a resolution I will probably keep for 2014, but more about resolutions another time.

I first heard of Crazy Love when a friend read and recommended it, that was some 2-3 years ago. Yet, the book has always remained in my mind and when I saw it at my church book exchange I grabbed at the chance.

Crazy Love

It’s an easy read, a lot of what Francis Chan says is relatable and understandable. The book starts off with talking about God and reminding us just how amazing He is. It then moves on into the different ways we live our lives in order to praise and worship this awesome God. Naturally it then challenges us to live a life which displays the wonder of God and to give Him the response he is due. To be crazy in love with Him and what that actually entails.

Whether or not it has challenged me is something that remains to be seen. I buy into a lot of what is mentioned in the book, and to a certain extent I do try to live it out, yet one paragraph really stood out to me.

Maybe you have already made sacrifices. If so, you have seen that in some ways it gets easier, doesn’t it? YOu have witnessed the benefits of giving and are blessed because of it. But it gets harder, too. The temptation to level off increases with each passing year. Pride tells you that you’ve sacrificed more than others. Fear tells you it’s time to worry about the future. Friends say you’ve given enough, that it’s someone else’s turn now.

It really struck a chord, especially as I move to switch job and think more about my future. It’s given me a lot of think about and consider as I make changes in my life.

I’m passing the book off to my mum, so I would totally recommend it.


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