Book: Still Another Day

So long, visitor.

Good day.

My poem happened

for you, for nobody,

for everyone.

Still Another Day

Still Another Day is a collection of poems written by Pablo Neurda nearing the end of his life. It was written in the short span of two days and contains various themes present in his earlier work as well. Some of those themes include that of isolation.

Did the loneliness die that night?

Or was I born then, of my solitude?

He examines our humanity and explores through his work what we value in our lives.

Each in the most hidden sack kept

the lost jewels of memory,

intense love, secret nights and permanent kisses,

the fragment of public or private happiness.

A few, the wolves, collected thighs,

other men loved the dawn scratching

mountain ranges or ice floes, locomotives, numbers.

For me happiness was to share singing,

praising, cursing, crying with a thousand eyes.

I ask forgiveness for my bad ways:

my life had no use on earth.

How by far those that evoke the most emotion, are those that he wrote regarding nature and his homeland. The way in which he connect the two is subliminal.

The Araucanians turned into roots.

They were stripped off leaf by leaf

until they were only a skeleton

of the race, a tree already leafless:

it wasn’t so much the ancient suffering –

they were fighting like madmen,

like stones, like sacks, like angles;

it was that they, the brave ones,

felt themselves losing ground,

the earth giving under their feet:

the blood no longer reigned in Arauco:

the kingdom of theft had arrived

and we were the thieves.

I think his poetry is amazing and it has really inspired me to read more poetry and to immerse myself into a very different literary form. That will probably be a resolution for 2014, but more about that another day. For now, just go read and appreciate the way the words flow and the images they conjour in the mind.


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