Book: The Separate Rose

To Easter Island and the presences

I set out, fed up with doorways and streets,

to search for something I never lost there.

The Separate Rose

The Separate Rose is a collection of poems by Pablo Neruda on Easter Island. Written in two voices – Men and The Island, it invokes such imagery of the island. It feels likes a comparison between the old (The Island and its rich culture and mystery) and the new (Men, tourist who are trying to unravel the mysteries of the island). I loved the Island portions more for their beauty and layers of emotions. At the same time, the portions of Men were peppered with thoughts and feelings that Neruda himself probably experienced as he explored the island

Goodbye, goodbye, secret island, rose

of purification, navel of gold,

we return all of us, to the duties

of our mournful professions and occupations.

The poems touch the heart and the mind, it makes me want to visit the Island and experience it for myself.

I’ve come to realize that Neruda writes some of the most beautiful poetry about places. His poems on Isle Negra are such a joy to reach and this book on Easter Island has been equally enjoyable.

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