Book: Winter Garden

Long story short, this probably the least memorable poetry collection by Pablo Neruda that I’ve read so far. Don’t get me wrong, his writing is still beautiful, but the words and poems didn’t jump out at me like before. There were still a few amazing phrases that linger, but as an entire collection I didn’t enjoy it that much.

But I didn’t have enough time and ink for everyone.

Winter Garden

Neruda is inspired by nature and one can see that in many of his poems. The Winter Garden collects within it’s pages poems about different aspects of nature. It displays for us the variety that exists in the world around us. This collection has quite a number of pieces based off animals, which is a different and refreshing change.

An elegant bird,

slender feet, endless tail,


close to me, to see what animal I am.

The way in which he invokes each animal really characterizes them through the use of words and the structuring of his phrases. It just goes to show how good he is.

At the same time, the reason why I didn’t enjoy this as much as the other probably lies in the fact that many of the poems felt distant. There was no intimacy, love and passion which I have grown used to in reading his work. Instead

He has gone and I buried him, and that was all.

It’s a different side of Neruda no doubt, but one that I fail to appreciate.


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