Manga: White Devil – The Life and Legend of Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor is quite the legend in Christianity missionary circles. He was the one credited with opening up China and helping the spread of the gospel there. I guess, in some sense I “owe” my faith to him. My grandparents were from China, and in fact my grandfather was adopted into a Chinese Christian missionary family. I would think that that played a pretty big part in how my family became Christians and I’m really grateful for it.

This manga dramatizes Hudson’s life from his childhood, to his calling and of course his many experiences in China. It was never easy, but he persevered through God’s grace and his children continue to carry on his work, with the setting up of the Inland China Mission which became the Overseas Missionary Fellowship. Isn’t it coincidental that the OMF office is located in Singapore and in such close proximity to where I live. Apparently my grandmother used to help James Hudson translate letters whilst he was in Singapore and still keeps in contact with his wife in the US.

It’s just amazing seeing how God works through people lives, and how interconnected we all are. The manga has really opened my eyes to what it was like in China and the faith it took to spread the gospel there. It’s largely historical in nature, and follows the biography as closely as possible. A good number of awe-inspiring speeches and lengthier expositions are included which does bog down the narrative, but I guess this isn’t your conventional manga.

White Devil


Having read this, I really want to give the manga bible a try. It should be really interesting to see how they have adapted the bible into manga form.   

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  1. TWWK says:

    If you do the Manga Bible, be sure to stay away from The Bible: A Japanese Manga Rendition, which is lesser known; the artists had no love for the source material. You might also want to check out Manga Hero, a Catholic company which has some really terrific OEL manga.

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