Anime: Shiranpuri

The last anime work in the 2011 Young Animator Training Project. Shiranpuri means minding my own business and is a story about bullying and how the protagonist minds his own business even as he sees his classmate being bullied. It’s set apart from the other anime works in the project by its design. They look like … Continue reading

Anime: Puka Puka Juju

The third in the 2011 Young Animator Training Project and probably my favourite. It’s a really heartwarming tale about a girl whose father works really hard and doesn’t seem to have time for her. A promised trip to the beach ends before it can even begin and instead as she plays at home we’re taken on … Continue reading

Anime: Wasurenagumo

The second anime from the crop of 2011 young animators training project. This is from Production I.G, a pretty well-known anime studio that produced the very popular Ghost in the Shell. I guess out of 4 anime works, this was the one that was really geared at adults or teens, as compared to the rest … Continue reading

Anime: Buta

I have not been watching a lot of anime recently. I just started working and I realized I don’t have the time that I used to have to spend on anime. That being said, I’m really excited to share the 4 anime works that were part of 2011 young animators training project. Very briefly the … Continue reading