Book: Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror is probably the most elusive book Of Gregory Maguire. I had such a hard time finding it in the library. As the title suggests, this time he retells the tale of Snow White and the seven dwarfs, with a dose of The Borgia. Who are they you ask? My question exactly. I had … Continue reading

Day 18 – A book that disappointed you

Let’s see, a book that disappointed. If I had to choose one, it would have to be the last book of the wicked years series by Gregory Maguire – Out of Oz. I wrote about it here: but to put it succinctly, I loved the series and the characters he created, but this last book … Continue reading

Book: Out of Oz

Yes, the final volume in the wicked years from Gregory Maguire. Before I review this book, let me confess that I am a HUGE FAN of Gregory Maguire. I absolutely love how he takes our favourite fairy tales and makes them something new! So yes, this review IS going to be biased. With that out-of-the-way, … Continue reading

Book: A lion among men

I have to say that I LOVE Wicked the book and when the 3rd installment for the series came out, I had to buy it. However it did take me quite awhile to finish reading it. I’m not sure why, maybe because I wasn’t too interested in the Lion and because really I want to know … Continue reading

Book: Matchless

Another book by Gregory Maguire. Matchless is a retelling of the little matchstick girl as a Christmas Story. Short (I read it in 15 mins) and rather sweet. It’s the type of style that he’s best at and it gives me a fuzzy feeling inside. The illustrations that accompany the book are oh so cute and although … Continue reading

Book: Lost

Another book by Gregory Maguire. Yes, another book by him, I was lucky at the library that day. Besides I like reading all the books by the same author in one shot. This is one of his more recent ones, I think it’s his most recent one actually. Not so much based on a fairy tale, but with elements … Continue reading

Book: Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

I recently finished the book by Gregory Maguire. He’s one of my favourite authors ever since i read WICKED! That was a book I fell in love with. Confessions, was good but somehow not as powerful. I do love how he twists our favourite fairy tales and makes them much darker and gothic. Not that fairy tales were all innocent and sweet of … Continue reading