Book: The Undying Fire

A novel by H.G. Wells. I must admit I haven’t enjoyed a lot of his more famous science fiction novels, but this foray into religion and philosophy has been interesting to say the least. This modern retelling of the tale of Job is written really well, and is so different from his other works that … Continue reading

Book: The Island of Doctor Moreau

  Strangely enough, this has been my favourite read from H.G. Wells so far. Set on an island far from prying eyes, it tells the story of a shipwrecked passenger and his short time on the island. There is plenty of “science”, which is a hallmark of Wells style. I guess that’s why he’s called … Continue reading

Book: The Inivisible Man

Remember when I mentioned that I was slightly obsessive? Yeah, I’m sort of in a H.G. Wells phase, and although he’s not my favourite author, I have a compulsion to read as many of his books that I can get my hands on. And this is  why I try not to read new authors too … Continue reading

Book: The Time Machine

H.G. Wells the father of science fiction? So they say, and I guess from the sheer amount of famous work he has produced, I cannot deny his influence on science fiction. The library I went to recently had a showcase of science fiction and I picked this book up (because it looked thin!). I actually … Continue reading