Manga: White Devil – The Life and Legend of Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor is quite the legend in Christianity missionary circles. He was the one credited with opening up China and helping the spread of the gospel there. I guess, in some sense I “owe” my faith to him. My grandparents were from China, and in fact my grandfather was adopted into a Chinese Christian missionary … Continue reading

Manga: Bakuman

and so it comes to an end – a mere 176 chapters. The ending came quite abruptly, I wasn’t expecting it to end so quickly. It was a manga that I felt I could read forever. Yet it must have been a difficult manga to write. A manga about manga. Obata Takeshi and Ohba Tsugumi never fail to … Continue reading

Manga: Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

Our happy time is a one volume manga based on the novel of the same name. It is poignant, heart wrenching and beautiful. It’s amazing that a short 8 chapters can convey a story of such magnitude, in which emotions overflow. The story is about learning to want to live again. It’s about coming to … Continue reading

Manga: Usagi Drop

From the moment I started reading this manga I fell in love with it. It was everything that was unique, sweet, heartwarming and shoujo all rolled into a fluffy ball and tied with ribbons. It was different from anything I had ever read before. I absolutely loved Rin as a character. The small girl that she was, to … Continue reading


I just had to say this, but if ever there was a manga that I would be willing to buy in English, it would be Trigun. I think I shall buy it when Kinokuniya is next having sale. Better start saving up! In other news, has anyone seen the latest season line-up on anime? EPIC … Continue reading