Book: Ox-tales Fire

I’m slightly disappointed with the library right now. I just found out that they don’t have the last book in this collection by Oxfarm. I can only hope that they add the book to their collection, or if there is some kind soul who has the book and could lend it to me. I have … Continue reading

Book: Ox-tales Air

Having read the first book of this series recently, I was quite interested to read the rest. So here is Air, the second collection of short-stories compiled by Ox-farm. The short story I was looking forward to was by Alexander McCall Smith. I’d heard of his books, but have never read anything by him before, … Continue reading

Book: Ox-tales Earth

Original stories written by remarkable writers is a project by Oxfarm to raise money and awareness. There are four books in the series, which highlight the key areas of Oxfam’s work. This particular collection of short stories begins with a poem by Vikram Seth entitled Earth, which is part of a sequence of poems called … Continue reading