Anime: Usagi Drop Specials

Every anime series creates something extra to go along with the DVD. However the Usagi drop Specials are probably the first extras that are actually really special (pun not intended). The series was great, but the specials lets us have a glimpse into their everyday lives, through the 4 different seasons. It’s sweet and Rin … Continue reading

Anime: Usagi Drop

A note of caution before I start. I’ve read the manga and I love the manga. So I’m slightly biased. For the review of the manga see here: Usagi Drop is a heartwarming story about Rin and Daikichi. How they come to live together and how they’re changing each other’s lives. It’s a beautiful story with … Continue reading

Manga: Usagi Drop

From the moment I started reading this manga I fell in love with it. It was everything that was unique, sweet, heartwarming and shoujo all rolled into a fluffy ball and tied with ribbons. It was different from anything I had ever read before. I absolutely loved Rin as a character. The small girl that she was, to … Continue reading