Anime: Oji-san no Lamp

This is by far my favourite short that came out of all the projects so far. It’s right up my alley in terms of storyline. I really enjoyed every moment of it, I think it was beautiful. The characterization was great, the pacing was great and the entire set up of just this one episode … Continue reading

Anime: Tansu Warashi

Also known as Wardrobe Dwellers, it tells the wonderful tale of how a lady receives an old dresser from her mother and the lessons that the 6 children who live in the dresser teach her. It’s really sweet and I loved how each child representing a different aspect of the woman’s life and character. I … Continue reading

Anime: Kizuna Ichigeki

  I loved this one-shot simply because it was HILARIOUS! It blends a variety of anime styles into its main story and just creates this wonderfully funny piece. The plot was pretty regular, whereby a young girl starts off by winning a fighting competition, after which she is naturally targeted by the whole world trying … Continue reading

Anime: Bannou Yasai Ninninman

What do you get with a young girl who has a fear of carrots, capsicums and milk? An amazing anime about facing your fears of course!   It’s a lovely one episode show that really speaks volumes about how many of us eventually face our fears. The main character of Mari is sweet and yet … Continue reading

Tastings: Young Animator Training Project 2010

Yes, I haven’t reviewed anything anime related in almost a month, and this is supposed to be an anime review blog. Bah. I did recently watch the 2010 projects and have been loving every single second of it. So sweet and funny and just amazing projects. There’s really a difference going back just 2 years … Continue reading

Anime: Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia is probably the success story of the young animator training project, having secured a sequel with the help of kickstarter. It goes to show how popular anime is as well as the different ways anime can now be funded. Maybe it even marks a new era for the flagging industry. Seriously though, … Continue reading

Anime: Ryo

Ryo was the first project I watched for the 2012 batch. It has in some way shaped my view of the other projects, in terms of expectation of the quality of both the story and the animation. It’s a story that has been told time and time again, and for audiences in Japan, it’s probably … Continue reading

Anime: Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yoseitachi

Probably the worst project I’ve seen so far. And that’s just putting it mildly. Visually stunning. I really loved how it looked, I wish more anime would adopt this kind of style. There’s a certain quality to the art and to the animations. It just needs a better story than what it has now. First … Continue reading

Anime: Death Billiards

Remember when I talked about the Young Animators Training Project last year? Well, I recently managed to catch up on this year’s crop and I have to say it’s been a really exciting time! The first project I’m going to review is Death Billiards. I love the animation and the style of this anime, it … Continue reading

Anime: Shiranpuri

The last anime work in the 2011 Young Animator Training Project. Shiranpuri means minding my own business and is a story about bullying and how the protagonist minds his own business even as he sees his classmate being bullied. It’s set apart from the other anime works in the project by its design. They look like … Continue reading