So about me huh? This feels oddly narcissistic.

So I’m just your typical Singaporean girl, I’ve just finished university in Australia where I studied Psychology. My first love is reading, and my second love is anime. So it only makes sense for this blog to be dedicated to these two things. I started this blog about a year or so ago in order to write about the animes that I watched recently. It expanded to include books and then some random things about Christianity. And perhaps in the future there will be random posts on baking and what not. My hobbies are growing.

Anime for me, has always been something I escaped to. It’s like how some people watch japanese/korean/american dramas. For me it’s anime. I watch most genres, although over the years my taste has become more refined. I love the mystery genre passionately and try to stay far far away from really MOE/shoujo animes. I do like the occasional shounen but tend to more seinen titles. The same goes with romance and josei. I’ve recently found a new appreciation for slice of life and also enjoy the supernatural stuff.

When watching an anime, what’s most important is entertainment quality. And for me entertainment means good characters and plots that keeps me engaged. I don’t watch anime so that I can switch off my brian, I watch anime to live a different life. Does that even make sense? Oh well. With that said, I can live with bad animation or designs that aren’t amazing, but if characters are flat or plot is too predictable I will either drop the anime or be multitasking while watching. It’s the same with me for books, I like long epic tales. My favourite books are the lord of the rings trilogy and count of monte cristo. My favourite authors are Neil Gaiman and Gregory Maguire. I don’t have a specific genre that I really read, I try many different types of books, but I guess I do tend towards books which integrate folktales/fairytales and the like. The best example I can think of is the Everworld series. I’m very fascinated by the different mythologies of the world and I like it when books/shows use them.

But that’s just me.

What else is there to say?

Well, to end off, I just want to say that I’m still figuring out the nuisances of writing reviews and I’m really not as polished or articulate as I would like to be. Any comments/suggestions would be welcome and really, thanks for reading!

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