Anime: Toshokan Sensou – Kakumei no Tsubasa

How long has it been since I’ve watched something anime related? Not that long actually, I just haven’t really been reviewing what I’ve watched.   Well, I’m here to rectify that. I just watched Toshokan Sensou the movie recently, and being a fan of the series I felt compelled to talk about it first. This … Continue reading

Book: The Baron in the Trees

So I’ve given up on the Tastings things and I’m now converting them to normal reviews of the book whilst integrating the quotes that I love from them. It is after all one way to archive these special pieces of texts for later reference.   It’s no secret that I’m very taken with Italo Calvino, … Continue reading

Book: The Book of Dragons

It’s always nostalgic coming back to childhood loves. Edith Nesbit is one of my favourite authors that has remained ingrained in my memory since my younger days. Her books are delightful to read and her characters are always so familiar. In the afterword of this particular collection Peter Glassman writes, The stories in this collection … Continue reading

Book: The Undying Fire

A novel by H.G. Wells. I must admit I haven’t enjoyed a lot of his more famous science fiction novels, but this foray into religion and philosophy has been interesting to say the least. This modern retelling of the tale of Job is written really well, and is so different from his other works that … Continue reading

Book: Ru

There is beauty in the written word. Winner of the governor general’s literary award, this novel by Kim Thuy tells her story of her life in Vietnam before she become a refugee and begins a new life in Quebec. It follows her story through a series of vignettes, the story jumps from memory to memory … Continue reading

Book: The Postman

I love this book. I adore it. Also, there’s this strange new-found infatuation with Pablo Neruda. Originally titled ‘Burning Patience’, this novel by Antonio Skarmeta was an inspiration for the film II Postino. I feel that the original title fits the book better, since it is a story with a lot of passion and overflowing … Continue reading

Anime: Oji-san no Lamp

This is by far my favourite short that came out of all the projects so far. It’s right up my alley in terms of storyline. I really enjoyed every moment of it, I think it was beautiful. The characterization was great, the pacing was great and the entire set up of just this one episode … Continue reading

Anime: Tansu Warashi

Also known as Wardrobe Dwellers, it tells the wonderful tale of how a lady receives an old dresser from her mother and the lessons that the 6 children who live in the dresser teach her. It’s really sweet and I loved how each child representing a different aspect of the woman’s life and character. I … Continue reading

Anime: Kizuna Ichigeki

  I loved this one-shot simply because it was HILARIOUS! It blends a variety of anime styles into its main story and just creates this wonderfully funny piece. The plot was pretty regular, whereby a young girl starts off by winning a fighting competition, after which she is naturally targeted by the whole world trying … Continue reading

Tastings: A Series of Unfortunate Events – The Ersatz Elevator

Well, it would seem that since i’m a home sick today, it’d be a good time for me to catch up with all these posts that I’m sitting on. So without further ado, Book 6 of 13 in the series: The Baudelaires tossed and turned, and wondered about all these things, and as it grew … Continue reading