Book: Three Gothic Novels: Frankenstein

Would you believe me if I told you I had never read Frankenstein before this? It’s true though. I knew that Frankenstein referred to the monster’s creator and not to the monster but that was the limit of my knowledge. To have finally read the book and to be able to pen down my thoughts … Continue reading

Book: Three Gothic Novels: Vathek

Vathek by William Beckford is a very disturbing story. The only reason why I read it, was that it was part of the compilation. Somehow, I don’t envision myself picking up a book like this again. That said, I did enjoy the story. It was fascinating and horrific. It was absolutely captivating, the story flowed … Continue reading

Book: Three Gothic Novels: The Castle of Otranto

Believe me when I say that I picked this book up simply because the title contained the word “Gothic”. I knew nothing about gothic fiction,  and even now I cannot say that I know a lot about the genre, but there is a greater understanding and appreciation after reading this compilation. The book contains three … Continue reading