Anime: Oji-san no Lamp

This is by far my favourite short that came out of all the projects so far. It’s right up my alley in terms of storyline. I really enjoyed every moment of it, I think it was beautiful. The characterization was great, the pacing was great and the entire set up of just this one episode … Continue reading

Anime: Tansu Warashi

Also known as Wardrobe Dwellers, it tells the wonderful tale of how a lady receives an old dresser from her mother and the lessons that the 6 children who live in the dresser teach her. It’s really sweet and I loved how each child representing a different aspect of the woman’s life and character. I … Continue reading

Anime: Kizuna Ichigeki

  I loved this one-shot simply because it was HILARIOUS! It blends a variety of anime styles into its main story and just creates this wonderfully funny piece. The plot was pretty regular, whereby a young girl starts off by winning a fighting competition, after which she is naturally targeted by the whole world trying … Continue reading

Anime: Bannou Yasai Ninninman

What do you get with a young girl who has a fear of carrots, capsicums and milk? An amazing anime about facing your fears of course!   It’s a lovely one episode show that really speaks volumes about how many of us eventually face our fears. The main character of Mari is sweet and yet … Continue reading

Tastings: Young Animator Training Project 2010

Yes, I haven’t reviewed anything anime related in almost a month, and this is supposed to be an anime review blog. Bah. I did recently watch the 2010 projects and have been loving every single second of it. So sweet and funny and just amazing projects. There’s really a difference going back just 2 years … Continue reading