Book: Goblins Vs Dwarves

About a year ago, I went on a reading spree focusing on Philip Reeve’s books. That was when I picked up Goblins! and fell in love with Skarper and Henwyn, Princess Ned and the entire cast of characters. A year later, I still remember them fondly and it was much to my surprise when I … Continue reading

Book: Mothstorm

I wish the adventures with Art and Jack would never end. Sadly, they do in the final book of the Larklight trilogy.   Mothstorm is everything a final book should be. Conclusions are made and climaxes are reached. It ties together so many plot points and just allow you to assemble the puzzle pieces and … Continue reading

Book: Starcross

  More space shenanigans with Art and Jack Havok. With the lovely addition of spies and espionage. And of course, who can forget time travel! Philip Reeve is quite an ingenious author, I think we can all agree on that. But this plot that he created is just so good. The way in which he uses … Continue reading

Book: Larklight

  Steampunk is something the Philip Reeve does well. It’s wonderfully creative in the way he recreates history and brings us into the future. I love his style and it helps that the book has illustrations. Yes, something are better left to the imagination, yet at the same time the book is given new life … Continue reading

Book: No such thing as Dragons

The last book I’ll be reviewing from Philip Reeve for now. It’s been an epic journey so far, but I think I need a break from him to go explore some other minds and delve into other worlds. No such thing as dragons is a story about a boy who goes on a journey with … Continue reading

Book: Goblins!

Who knew a book about Goblins could be so entertaining? Philip Reeve has taken your usual hero on a quest story and turned it on its head. I would compare this to the Shrek movie, it’s similar in concept in that all your usual stereotypes of hero, princess, goblins and giants are just tossed out … Continue reading

Book: Here Lies Arthur

  This is an example of a good book. Definitely a book geared towards girls, but a book that will keep its reader enthralled. It speaks about the legends of Arthur, or to put it more accurately it gives us a picture of how the Arthurian legends came about. I’m not very familiar with the … Continue reading

Book: Scrivener’s Moon

The recent installment of the Fever Crumb series really delves into the history of the world that Philip Reeves has set up. The first book introduced us to the characters and to beloved London, the second book was a bit of a detour in Fever’s life, but now in this third book we’re back in … Continue reading

Books: A Web of Air

Set in the world of Mortal Engines, this is sequel to Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve.   This book starts off with a bang, which is hard to imagine since the last book was already quite action packed. With a beginning so full of impact it became difficult to put the book down. Set 2 … Continue reading

Book: Fever Crumb

Just a disclaimer before I begin, I have loved Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve since I read the quartet so there was a lot of expectation when I finally decided to start on the Fever Crumb series which is the prequel. There is also a certain degree of bias because reading Fever Crumb has made … Continue reading