Anime: Katanagatari

A novel by Isin Nisio, who also wrote Bakemonogatari. It was adapted into a 12 episode anime in 2010. Each episode was about 50 mins and one episode was shown each month. Essentially it’s about Togame and Shichika and their quest to find 12 cursed blades. I loved it. It was different from all your cliché shounen/fantasy anime and very … Continue reading

Book: Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

I recently finished the book by Gregory Maguire. He’s one of my favourite authors ever since i read WICKED! That was a book I fell in love with. Confessions, was good but somehow not as powerful. I do love how he twists our favourite fairy tales and makes them much darker and gothic. Not that fairy tales were all innocent and sweet of … Continue reading