Book: The Baron in the Trees

So I’ve given up on the Tastings things and I’m now converting them to normal reviews of the book whilst integrating the quotes that I love from them. It is after all one way to archive these special pieces of texts for later reference.   It’s no secret that I’m very taken with Italo Calvino, … Continue reading

Book: The Path to the Spiders’ Nests

Like all his books, it steers a perfect course between innocent playfulness and the complex depths of thought. The story is told through the eyes of Pin, a barely adolescent boy, for whom the decision to fight with the partisans or with the black-shirt is not far removed from a choice between one street gang … Continue reading

Book: Under the Jaguar Sun

I’m sure by now you’re familiar with my love affair with Italo Calvino. Recently I managed to find a number of his books at the library (a different one from the one I usually go to) and so it would seem I’m back to reading more of his books. It’s also really coincidental that I … Continue reading

Book: Marcovaldo

  I thought that this book would be like Into the War by Italo Calvino as well, but how wrong I was. I enjoyed this collection of short stories immensely. Although set in the real world, it’s still retains all the fantastical elements that Calvino is just a master of. These twenty stories are sorted into season, … Continue reading

Book: Invisible Cities

The description of 55 cities is no mean feat. Especially when so many of the cities are part of the imagination and express such different aspects of cities. Italo Calvino once again impresses me with the scope of his imagination, his originality and his pure genius.   Yes I have gushed over his work time … Continue reading

Book: The Castle of Crossed Destinies

Nothing ever prepares me for Italo Calvino. The breadth of his imagination, to me, is limitless. I absolutely adore him. At some time, I’m sure I’ll write a post dedicated to his life, his works and his legacy. But for now, let me talk about another of his books – The castle of crossed destinies. … Continue reading

Book: Into the War

I thought it would be quite apt to start this year with the author that left such a deep impression last year. Into the war is a collection of three autobiographical stories by Italo Calvino. Set in Italy in the summer of 1940, this trio of stories explores the relationships between the different generations caught up … Continue reading

Day 01 – The best book you read last year

The complete Cosmicomics. No question about it. I read it just before the end of last year and simply put it blew my mind. What struck me the most perhaps was the breadth of imagination and the use of science “facts” as the basis for stories. It really broadened my horizons, in the sense that … Continue reading

Book: The complete Cosmicomics

Let me start the new year by telling you about an amazing author I recently discovered – Italo Calvino. I found his book If on a winter’s night a traveler in the bookstore and fell in love just by reading the first line of the book. I didn’t buy it, hoping I would be able … Continue reading