Anime: Ao no Exorcist: Kuro no Iede

This special is more like an extra episode and although it came out after the series ended, it’s set somewhere in the middle of the series. That said, it’s best watched after the series, since there are some characters that make an appearance here before revealing themselves in the series proper.

I thought it was good. It was sweet and kind of shows a development in Kuro and Rin’s relationship. Not much is shown about Kuro in the main series other than an episode or two dedicated to him and his backstory, but he is a very cute cat and faithful companion to both Shiro and Rin. Through his journey in the episode, we also see a different side to many of the minor characters. At most times the moments we have with these support characters are funny and a few that we may have forgotten about make an appearance as well. Shiro (by far one of the most endearing characters of the anime) makes an appearance as well, which is a welcome thing. We get to see more about his relationship with Kuro and his love and concern for Rin. It was bittersweet I suppose and made me tear a little.

The plot for the episode was good, it’s not original but it’s a nice return to the series. After all it did come out a few weeks after the series ended and fans will always want more! Worth watching, but you should definitely watch the series first.


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